MB Statement on Announcement of Egyptian Parliamentary Elections Final Results

MB Statement on Announcement of Egyptian Parliamentary Elections Final Results

 Now that parliamentary elections have reached the end of the proverbial race track, and the final results have been announced, it is time for swelling hearts to subside, for tensions to recede and disappear, and for everyone to express respect for the will of the people and to thank the great Egyptian people for taking part in this marathon election, and for insisting on turning out to cast their votes as they felt the precious value of each vote and witnessed the integrity of the electoral process. Indeed, we – the Muslim Brotherhood and our party (FJP) and our coalition (the Democratic Alliance) – warmly and sincerely thank our beloved nation for the precious trust they’ve given us, and we pray God to help us live up to their expectations and aspirations. We also thank those who ran the election in such an honorable way and those who protected the whole process in a balanced manner.

We deeply appreciate the noble, civilized manner in which the People’s Assembly roles and tasks are being distributed, for the Parliament Speaker, technical committees, agents and representatives, and secretaries in a fair consensual way, giving everyone their due rights, away from selfish acquisitiveness and the wish to exclude others – chronic ailments of the old defunct regime. We hope this will reassure fearful souls, and ease away the effects of electoral competition, and reveal the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party’s vitality and commitment to broad consensus.

What happened is a major step in the march of the revolution. After just one day, full legislative powers will be transferred from the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to the People’s Assembly elected by nearly 30 million Egyptians. This Assembly is the first institution to be established in a democratic way after the revolution. Those who wish to rush things should ponder and appreciate and give this event its due, and protect the democratic process with all the people who look forward to the day they recover full sovereignty, freedom and free-will by completing the transfer of executive power to the elected civilian authority and the drafting of a new permanent constitution.

Everyone should gather around major goals that achieve the greater good of the homeland and the people, their interests and priorities. Those who enter parliament should realize that they are not representatives of their own respective parties only, nor of their respective districts only, but representatives of the Egyptian people, the full spectrum of sectors, communities and leanings, with all their hopes and aspirations and their revolution ambitions, and join those endeavoring to replace corrupt, rough laws-of-the-forest with fair and good and balanced legislation, and to monitor the executive branch, so it stays on the straight and narrow.

Everyone, parliamentarians and citizens alike, should realize that the task is arduous, the burden is heavy, and the required reforms are many and profound, and that no one faction or party or power can carry all that on its own, not even all political parties and institutions put together. Hence, all members of the public must stand by political forces and stakeholders to save the ship – our homeland – and help it set sail.

Therefore, there must be full transparency and frankness with the people regarding all the facts, so they shall always be aware and put their shoulders to the wheel, in order to get out of this tunnel. The Egyptian people have proved their strength and tenacity, persistence and sacrifice in many calamities and tribulations, as well as their ability to realize their hopes, overcome obstacles and endure all pains.

We hope that the elections will be a catalyst for all citizens to work hard, connect with others and selflessly serve the noble Egyptian people. This must also be a reason and a motive to respect and protect constitutional legitimacy in the light of Islamic ethics, good values and morals as well as noble national wisdom – self-denial, respect for others, giving selflessly, and sacrificing for the sake of God and in order to achieve the goals of the revolution.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: 22nd of January 2012