MB Statement on Incidents in Syria

MB Statement on Incidents in Syria

When the winds of freedom, human dignity and social justice were blowing strongly across Eastern Europe in the late 1990s, the people revolted against their tyrants who for decades had oppressed their people, and then the people regained their dignity and once again became productive members of society.

We waited so long for the Arabs to rise up against corrupt and tyrannical regimes, making them fall one after another as in Tunisia and Egypt. However, the Libyan and Yemeni regimes are still resisting the inevitable change, and are guilty of genocide against innocent and unarmed protesters, but the revolutionary people will be triumphant. What is happening now in Egypt and the Arab world marks the end of an era and will usher in a new era of freedom and democracy.

A successful and stable democracy derives its power and legitimacy from the people as the final source of the constitution. The rulers of such countries are keen on maintaining justice, equality, respect for people’s rights, meeting their aspirations, being committed to the promotion of the fundamental principles of democracy, the rule of law, the protection of human rights, the independence of the judiciary, equality among citizens, separation of powers, political pluralism and combating corruption, and they immediately gain people’s trust without fearing any plots being hatched against them by foreign powers.

 The Brotherhood treasures Syria’s good position as a pillar of resistance, embracing Palestinian rights for liberating the land, supporting the armed resistance, embracing the stances of Palestinian faction leaders, and Palestinian and Lebanese legitimate rights while being against the Zionist-American Greater Middle East project. The MB fully supports the right of the Syrian people to a free and dignified life in an independent and secure country under a strong and modern state ruled by law and justice and approved by Islam and international conventions. We also completely reject aggression and terror against unarmed and peaceful civilians and condemn the shedding of one drop of Syrian blood.

 Due to our deep concern for Syria’s unity, the Brothers appeal to the Syrian government to act promptly in order to achieve national reconciliation and meet the people’s demands and their aspirations for freedom, dignity and justice, putting an end to state-sponsored political violence, prosecuting those responsible for crimes against their own people, violating the sanctity of places of worship and the abolition of all laws of exception, especially all laws restricting the freedom of expression.

 The Brothers warn not to take advantage of the tragic incidents in a state like Syria- un-subservient to US dictates- to be dragged into a resolution under the authority of Chapter 7 of the UN Charter; especially if the fighting and bloodshed escalates, under the pretext of protecting civilians, to destroy its army for the benefit of the Zionists.

 Muslim Brotherhood