MB statement on January 25, Day of Rage and its consequences

MB statement on January 25, Day of Rage and its consequences

Egypt is undergoing important events where the Egyptian people started a movement in Cairo and other cities in the country expressing their anger and denouncing the practices and violations by the system.

Their movements were peaceful and effective with the youth spreading everywhere. All called for the next stage to prioritize reform, stability, freedom and democracy without which stability cannot be achieved in Egypt.

The MB, who is participating in these events, is expressing their appreciation of the efforts of the Egyptian people. They also offer condolences to the families of both the citizens and police officials killed during these events. They also wish the injured a speedy recovery.

The MB stresses the following:

The peaceful and civilized movement of the Egyptian people, which started on January 25, must continue against the corruption, oppression and injustices until its demands of legitimate reform are achieved, the dissolving of the rigged-parliament, and the holding of free and fair elections under full judicial supervision.

The regime in Egypt must comply with the wills of the people and conduct the required reforms, abandon the policy of intransigence and oppose the demands of the people, take serious, immediate and effective measures to achieve the required reform in all fields, stop harming protestors and release all those detained in these events and the ones before.

– The MB is an Islamic collective organization, and its members belong to the Egyptian society; they share their happiness and sadness and call on all citizens of Muslims and non-Muslims to cooperate in the good, to achieve justice, to lay the foundations of the right and to put the interest of the nation before the personal interest. They call on all to unite against injustices and corruption, effectively and peacefully without causing any damage to any public and private properties.

They stress on the importance of the cooperation between all political and partisan forces to maintain a unified national stance

The Muslim Brotherhood
26 January 2011