• December 15, 2006
  • 3 minutes read

MB Statement on Latest Arrests

MB Statement on Latest Arrests

While the Egyptian regime claims that it seeks a comprehensive reform that gets the country out of the state of deterioration it is witnessing on all political, social and economic levels; the regime insists on returning freedoms back to square one in an unjustified escalation that adds fuel to fire, distorts Egypt’s image and confirms the security intervention while dealing with all national files; this is illustrated in the campaign that included arresting dozens of Muslim Brotherhood members topped by engineer, Khayrat Al Shater, the group’s second deputy chairman.

Denouncing this attack, the Muslim Brotherhood sees that it comes within framework of an organized premeditated incitation campaign that used a play that some media institutions falsely called- intentionally or unintentionally- “Al-Azhar militias” as a pretext to accuse the Muslim Brotherhood of having violent underlying means.

The Muslim Brotherhood confirms that these distortive, irrational and biased campaigns will not dissuade the group from its reformist message and call, and they can’t rattle the group’s constants that renounce violence and its related views and ideas; however, the group advises every one not to get involved in a farce that distorts the situation on the ground. The Muslim Brotherhood confirmed that what Al-Azhar students did was wrong and that such activities- even if they are just a play- are rejected.

Finally, the Muslim Brotherhood’s steps on the path of reform in Egypt, through constitutional and legal channels won’t be obstructed by any tyrannical security measures or any media distortion; freedom is still the right and demand of every free man who works for the good of this country and its people, and the right of those arrested on Thursday at dawn and others who are currently behind bars under the unjust emergency laws.

(And Allah hath full power and control over His affairs) and (Allah suffices us and He is the Best Helper)
Mohamed Mahdi Akef
The Muslim Muslim Brotherhood Chairman