• April 15, 2009

MB Statement on One Year Mark of Military Sentences Against Frontline MB Leaders

MB Statement on One Year Mark of Military Sentences Against Frontline MB Leaders

On the occasion of the one year mark since the issuance of military sentences against MB’s top leaders including Khayrat El-Shater, Second Vice-Head of the MB Chair, the MB issued a statement in which they expressed their support for their leaders behind bars.  


The statement said that “the regime had laid fabricated and false accusations against the MB leaders after failing in its competition against the MB in the political and public service fields and in winning the hearts and support of people which represent the true legitimacy.”


“Not only that, but despite its arsenal of despotic laws, the regime didn’t dare present them before their natural judge in conformance with the constitution resorting instead to military judicature by means of the emergency law which it has imposed on the Egyptian people for 30 years.  And despite the absence of any justifications for the emergency law be it war, civil war, or widespread epidemic, the law remains granting the ruler the freedom to oppress as he pleases.   Furthermore, martial judicature is part of the executive authority making the latter the arbitrator whose judges have no independence or immunity against dismissal,” the statement added.


“All this shows the flagrancy of the oppression that has afflicted these people, their wives and children, and in fact, the whole society.  And if the oppressor forgets his oppression, the oppressed will never forget it as long as he’s alive.  To add to this oppression, the regime releases spies, killers, and drug dealers after serving half their prison term, while it refuses to do the same with these noble reformers,” the statement added.


“Justice is the basis of power, and the state of justice prevails even if it were based on disbelief while the state of oppression vanishes even if it were Muslim; this is a lesson from history.  But who will heed?!  Maybe, the weakness, backwardness, dependence, and decline we are suffering are the result of this oppression.  In fact, the wave of strikes, sit-ins, and protests that has hit all the sectors of society and extended to every corner of the country is a warning call to oppressors to stop their oppression, corruption, and despotism.


Despite the severe ongoing oppression and our reality as a group and the desire to distort our image and exclude us from society, we will continue, by the will of God, to follow our principles and methodology in our pursuit to achieve political, social, cultural, and economic reform, establish justice among the people, serve the society, spread peace and true stabililty, and achieve scientific and civilizational advancement so that Egypt’s status among its Arab fellows in the region and at the global level is restored, no matter what it may cost us,” the statement affirmed.