• May 1, 2007
  • 4 minutes read

MB Statement On Referring MB Members to Military Court

MB Statement On Referring MB Members to Military Court

While all Egyptians are waiting for a unified stance at the public and government levels towards the Zionist violations against Al Aqsa Mosque, and while government vetted and official media propagate for hollow promises about political reforms due to the constitutional amendments, and while corruption, maladministration and repression hit a boiling point among all Egyptians, specially respected and active citizens.

During this hard time, the president decides to refer more Egyptians who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), topped by Eng. Mohamed Khayrat Al Shater, the second deputy chairman, to a military tribunal that lacks any guarantees, including a judicial independence and the right to have two steps in the litigation.

Transferring them to a military tribunal took place after the Criminal Court acquitted them and cancelled all the attorney general”s decisions of jailing them pending trial!.

This is actually a reloaded farce, as more than 150 Muslim Brotherhood leaders were previously referred to a military court and some of them were unjustly sentenced to 3 to 5 years behind bars in a flagrant violation to the constitution, law and human rights; however, (they did not become weak-hearted on account of what befell them in Allah”s way, nor did they weaken, nor did they abase themselves).

We condemn this unfair decision that does not respect the simplest rights of citizenship, that uses all unconstitutional schemes to settle scores in a political disagreement, that violates a constitutional right for citizens to appear in front of a civil judge who represents justice and equality.

Returning to sending civilians to military courts is a serious relapse the threatens citizenship and human rights and proves to all that Egypt is experiencing a state of instability.

Sending businessmen and investors to military courts due to economic charges, and freezing assets will definitely have a negative impact on the climate of investment and development at time Egypt is seeking all efforts to bring it out of the deteriorating economic situations, including unemployment, price hikes and poverty that hit all citizens.

Causing tensions between the regime and people serves only our country”s enemies, including Zionists and Americans and helps these enemies maintain their aggressive policy against Arabs and Muslims and leads to spreading schism all over the Muslim Arab World.

We call on all free men in the world, political powers in Egypt and all Human Rights Organizations to fight these continuous flagrant violations against the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood confirms that it will cooperate with all sincere Egyptians to achieve the political and constitutional reforms through all peaceful and legal methods to realize freedom, justice and equality for all Egyptians.

Despite all this tyranny, persecution and terrorism, we will continue- God willing- our method, won’t deviate from it and we won’t be enticed to any other method.

My message to the Muslim Brothers is: seek help from Allah, be patient and steadfast to your principles; don’t falter and don’t be sad as you will be victorious- God willing- whatever the persecutions afflicting you.

We will always be  guided by Allah who says:(Those unto whom men said: Lo! the people have gathered against you, therefor fear them. (The threat of danger) but increased the faith of them and they cried: Allah is Sufficient for us! Most Excellent is He in Whom we trust!)

Mohamed Mahdi Akef
The Muslim Brotherhood Chairman
Cairo On: Muharram, 19, 1428 Hijri
Feb., 7, 2007