MB Statement on Syria

MB Statement on Syria

A Statement released on the situation in Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood condemned the ruthless attacks and abuses against civilians by Bashar al Assad’s regime, which have caused the forced displacement of many innocent Syrians.

Describing the attacks as disheartening, the MB demanded that such attacks cease and that the government assume its responsibility of serving and protecting the people not abusing them.

The statement pointed to several ways to enhance the protection of the civilians, supporting and contributing  to the restoration of stability and peace in Syria, and to take the necessary steps to ensure that the military responds to the people’s demands of ending violence and respecting both civilian and international humanitarian law.

The statement also called on all factions to find the will and the means to match the courage of the Syrians, and condemned the hollow promises made be the regime, instead, and to take immediate action along with guarantees of freedom of expression of the demonstrators and respect of human rights.

Other demands include:

– The immediate withdrawal of the army from cities and villages and the protection of its borders.

– The immediate and unconditional release of political detainees and guarantee of the safe return of displaced and exiled civilians.

-The immediate elimination of all unjust laws and the recognition of the right of the Syrian people to freedom, democracy and justice, and the abolition of constitutional and legal provisions that advocates the monopoly of power.

– The implementing of a just law for the formation of political parties, and the law for free, fair and transparent elections.

-The drafting of a new constitution in line with the demands of the people and the restoration of the nation’s wealth.

The Muslim Brotherhood will continue to call for the rights of the Syrian people,  and vehemently condemn the tyranny and corruption witnessed which has resulted in much bloodshed and destruction.