MB Statement on the Dialogue between Youth, Political and National Forces with Egypt’s Vice-President

MB Statement on the Dialogue between Youth, Political and National Forces with Egypt’s Vice-President

Further to the statement issued yesterday in which we explained our position with regards to the principle, context, form and subject of the protests, we are committed to public opinion and the people’s right to self-determination and its future. We submit our stance with the utmost honesty and transparency:

– we emphasize that we are a part of this great nation of Egypt. We cannot separate ourselves from it and will never cease caring about it and taking responsibility for it. We have the duty to be loyal to the nation during times of prosperity, hardship, sacrifice and redemption.
– we have not changed our stance of adhering to the demands of the people to which we belong.

– we have accepted to engage in this dialogue to deliver those demands directly to the new officials, testing their seriousness in response to these demands. We also engaged in this dialogue to spare our people and our country more losses due to the stubbornness and rigidity of the regime.

– our engagement in this dialogue is for the interest of the revolution, the people and the country. We support its continuity until we ensure the demands have been achieved.

– we are keen on preserving the youth, and popular, political and national unity. Therefore, we have demanded this collective dialogue, that includes all the national forces, particularly the youth which have been the leader of this blessed uprising.
– we requested this in order to deliver the people’s collective demands and show our unity . If any of these forces were absent from the dialogue, this should be remedied in the future.

– we have requested a change in the process to create a degree of trust between the people and the regime. Therefore, we have demanded the immediate implementation of many reforms which does not require a legal or constitutional process to reassure the people of the regime’s seriousness and willingness to respond to the rest of their demands.

-we do not have a special agenda; we follow the trends and have often repeated that we are not seeking power or position, and will not nominate anyone to run for the presidency.

The points which were agreed upon during the dialogue were as follows:

-recognition of the people’s movement, which began on January 25, 2011 as an honourable national movement.

-the need to ensure the safety of the demonstrators and the full recognition of the people’s right to peaceful protests at any time to monitor the implementation of their demands and express their opinions.

– ending the State of Emergency once the security situation in Egypt is contained and before holding any elections.

-amending Articles 76,77 and 88 and any other constitutional amendments required for the peaceful transition of power.

-forming a committee, including members of the judiciary and political figures to study and propose the constitutional amendments and the necessary constitutional amendments for some laws that are complementary to the constitution with a deadline at the end of the first week of March.

– pursuing and investigating corrupt people and those responsible for the disorder; commanders and officers who have killed the youth, and to bring them to justice immediately.

– not imposing any kind of restriction on the media and communications that goes beyond the law. Halting media campaigns which aim at distorting the people’s revolution.

-forming a national committee of public and independent figures as well as representatives of popular movements that follows up the implementation of what has been agreed upon.

We adhere to the demands of the people and the final word will be for the people.

We have engaged in this dialogue on an equal status with the other parties and with our free will. The responses of the regime to the demands of the people will determine how long the dialogue will continue. Peaceful demonstrations will continue to achieve the people’s demands.
The Muslim Brotherhood
6 February 2011