MB Statement on the Egyptian Cabinet Clashes

MB Statement on the Egyptian Cabinet Clashes


 Saturday, December 17, 2011


The Egyptian people were pleased for the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) supporting their blessed Revolution of January 25, 2011. They trusted SCAF to defend this homeland, protect the people, take control, and run the country for a temporary period, until an elected civilian authority with popular support assumes power and runs the country.




Protecting the people means: defending their lives, blood, honour, moneys and liberties. Hence our utter shock and dismay at the sight of people being killed and wounded in large numbers in Maspero, Mohammed Mahmoud Street, and now in the People’s Assembly Streets and Qasr Al-Aini Street. No military personnel has been convicted for ordering or carrying out these crimes.



We note that whenever the situation calms down and the country turns to its historical elections, in order to achieve its real democratic transformation, someone tries to spark sedition, ignite the situation and instigate unrest, with clear and wanton desire to prevent stability, and disrupt the democratic process and the handover of power. Meanwhile, absurd inflammatory statements, contradicting all democratic principles, are made by some SCAF Major-Generals, and SCAF refuses to reject, condemn or denounce such provocative statements.



Peaceful protests and sit-ins are a constitutional right. Only days ago, Dr. Ganzouri emphasised that no peaceful sit-ins or demonstrations will be broken by violent physical, or even oral or moral attacks. Yesterday, we witnessed the ferocious aggression against the protesters killing and injuring hundreds, without any justification.



The occurrence of these unfortunate events in the midst of popular interest in the elections and their results, only cast doubts on the desire to complete the electoral process or acknowledge the good representation of all the Egyptian people, as stated by Major-General Al-Mulla.



The Muslim Brotherhood, as well as the Egyptian people, will defend their freedom, their sovereignty, and their right to rule their country and overcome all the obstacles designed to derail the revolution and radically change all aspects of life in this homeland.



The Muslim Brotherhood demands the following:



1.     A clear and immediate apology by SCAF for the crimes committed on Friday Dec 16.



2.     A fair and thorough investigation by an independent authority, fast-tracking trials of personnel suspected of ordering or carrying out these crimes, and announcing publicly, at a specific time, results of these investigations, as well as the results of the investigations into crimes of other recent events.



3.     Compensating the families of martyrs and completing treatment of all the revolution wounded at the expense of the state and compensating them for their injuries.



4.     Continuing the on-going electoral process for the Egyptian parliamentary elections.



5.     Confirmation that presidential elections and power hand-over to civilians will be completed before the end of June 2012.


May God save Egypt from repeated trials and tribulations and the evils of some of her own children.

The Muslim Brotherhood