MB Statement on the Events of Friday, 25 February, 2011

MB Statement on the Events of Friday, 25 February, 2011
Freedom of expression is a sacred human right and peaceful demonstration is a form of collective expression. The Egyptian people have demonstrated peacefully and used their right in a very civilised way, however, since 25 January 2011 they have been met with systematic brutality which caused the death of hundreds and thousands were injured. Their aim was to achieve legitimate demands.

This revolution removed the head of the state and some leaders of the regime along with him. However, there are many demands that have not yet been achieved despite their simplicity, therefore, the people have decided to continue their civilised demonstrations every Friday to keep the spirit of revolution going. The most recent protest was on Friday, 25 February, which called for the achievement of the following demands which were considered urgent:

1- Changing the ministry formed by the former president and appointing a new one, headed by good candidates who are chosen by the people.

2- Abolishing the State of Emergency which was imposed for 30 years and was used to terrorise and oppress people.

3- The immediate release of all political detainees.

4- Taking State Security leaders to court and reforming it with people who fear Allah, respect human rights and abide by the laws and the Constitution.

5- The immediate trial of those who ordered the use of live ammunition against civilians, in particular the former president, former Minister of Interior and the head of State Security Investigations who implemented these decisions and killed hundreds of innocent civilians.

6- Opening all files of corruption without exception and bringing the perpetrators to court, starting from the former president to the least corrupt people.

7- Take serious action to return the looted public money to the country.

Even though the MB has been preoccuppied with the revolution of the Egyptian people, this has not stopped them from caring about the revolution of the Libyan people, who started a revolution to restore their rights which were taken by a fascist regime. Therefore, we call on:

– The Arab League to take serious actions within its capacity to save the Libyan people from the massacres committed by Colonel Gaddafi against them.

– Arab and Muslim governments to support the Libyan people with everything they need.

– The Egyptian people to support the humanitarian aid convoys which will be send via NGOs and syndicates to support the Libyan people until they get past their hardship and get rid of this unjust criminal regime.