MB Statement Warns of Consequnces of Derailing Democracy by Special Interests

MB Statement Warns of Consequnces of Derailing Democracy by Special Interests


The Egyptian revolution is a great blessing from Allah and a miracle in itself, and we must not allow the causes that led to this great revolution to occur again.  The Egyptian people have made great sacrifices along the path to this revolution, where hundreds have been killded and thousands injured in order to restore freedom, dignity, and their homeland. Hence, the people will protect these precious gains against any pressure or deception to circumvent their will and the free choices they made.

The March 19 referendum clearly expressed the Egyptian people choice of how to plan their transition to democracy, which was subsquently summarized in the constitutional declaration that follows. However, continuous attempts have been reemerging every once in a while, wearing different hats and slogans aiming at circumventing the popular will.  These campaigns took the form of "Constitution first" then proposing "governing constitutional articles"  prior drafting constitution, then came the so called "supra constitutional articles", which all are considered a violation of the popular will and the Constitutional Declaration.

Unfortunately, the former deputy Prime Minister and the current deputy Prime Minister both have participated in these negative and continuous maneuvers against the public will, along with a group of lawyers who do not respect the people of Egypt, and  always ready to put their expertise at the service for any person who would satisfy their personal interests.

Furthermore, these special interest groups tried to impose a particular form, shape and composition for the constituent committee that is charged with drafting the constitution rather than having it established by the People’s Assembly and Shura Council as stipulated in the Constitutional Declarationor before presenting it to the people in a referendum, in order to serve their narrow political and personal needs. The worst of all was that these attempts have taken place under the pretext that this represents the will, choice and desire of the military junta. Moreover, media leaks have hinted that parliamentary elections will be  postponed, thus delaying the draft of the new constitution and the election of the next president as well, which means the continuation of the transitional period to keep the military council in power.

The Muslim Brotherhood reject these attempts, which contrdict the principles and gains of the revolution, and will reproduce the former regime in another form, betraying and wasting the blood of the martyrs. However, the MB believes that the Egyptian people, who tasted freedom, will not allow the success of these endeavors. The people are the ones who will draft their Constitution by a representative Committee that is elected by the People’s Assembly and Shura Council, whose members are elected by the people with their own free will. The Egyptian people are the ones who will agree to this Constitution in a free and fair referendum, away from extremism and imposition, and preventing the return of corruption and aggression.

The revolution should proceed to its purpose: cleaning up the corrupt regime and its agents, and reaching the state of stability through the establishment of the constitutional institutions, adoption of the Constitution and strengthening the State bodies and institutions, and then, starting the construction phase and the age of renaissance.

All those who are attempting to hinder the march of the people out of some personal, sectarian, partisan or external interests are basically wasting the interest of the nation and the people; a condition which would expose the country to grave risks.

With that in mind, the Muslim Brotherhood has the following messages to the concerned parties:

First, to the ruling Military Council: The people of Egypt do appreciate your position towards the revolution and the people, and they are waiting for you to fulfill the promises which you have made and they heard from you frequently. They expect you to show a commitment to the roadmap announced by the Constitutional Declaration.

The Egyptian people wish to remind you of the position of Marshal Abdel-Rahman Sewar al-Zahab of Sudan, as he had made a promise and he showed commitment to it. Till now, the whole world remembers this most revered and respected man.

Second, to the political and legal experts and professionals: The first principle of democracy is respecting the will of the people, and thus, submitting to their choice – even if that choice was against the personal interest of certain people. We ask you – and we commit ourselves as well – to abide by the will of the people, as this would reflect the absolute loyalty to the homeland and its people.

Third, to the great Egyptian people: You have exerted a lot of effort and have made a lot of sacrifices to get rid of the tyranny and corruption. We know you were, and you are still, ready for more sacrifices in order to prevent tyranny and corruption from reemerging in any new form or image.

Therefore, we ask you to pay attention to the deceptive attempts to circumvent your will. Therefore, you must remain steadfast in protecting your rights and your freedoms. We are sure that you as the Egyptian people will continue to track down all the corrupt ones and all the criminals and hunt them with all possible legal litigation methods.

Fourth, to the Government: You are temporary in your posts, and the principles of fairness and honesty stipulates that you must do your job with utmost transparency and efficiency. You should know that your legitimacy and your presence in power is granted to you by the people of Egypt, and thus, you should be in the service of the Egyptian people and in charge of the achievement of their will.  

The Muslim Brotherhood
Cairo: September 7, 2011