MB Student Imprisoned For 15 Days

MB Student Imprisoned For 15 Days

Prosecution of Abu Hammad City decided last Thursday to imprison Amr Fawzi (MB student activist at the University of Zagazig) for 15 days pending investigations.

The defense of the student will file a petition against imprisonment decision next Saturday.

State Security forces, presided by Officer Essam El- Fayed escorted by four cars jammed with the Anti-Riot Police soldiers, stormed into his house predawn, arrested and kept him in custody till referral to prosecution.

The University of Zagazig and the students of Sharqyia governorate witnessed intensive round-up campaigns abducting 12 students last September.

The Interior Ministry issued arrest warrants against four MB affiliates due to participating in the annual conference of Brotherhood MP Farid Ismael. They are: Mohamed El Zayat, Sayed Abdul Qadir, Gamal Abdul Wahhab, and Sayed Isa.

They were ordered released by Zagazig Criminal Court after being released by Zagazig Court of Appeal as well; however Interior Ministry seems to persist in disrespecting the judicial rulings under the defected Emergency Law.

The Ministry of Interior issued arrest warrants last Tuesday against 12 Brotherhood members due to participating in the same MP”s conference in which he was reviewing his achievements of last three years and said such practices are against constitution and laws since security forces denied the access of the people to the conference.

Security forces of Sharqyia governorate stormed into a public conference organized by Brotherhood MP and arrested 30 of them.