MB students create Facebook Group “Egyptians, Wake Up”

MB students create Facebook Group “Egyptians, Wake Up”

Muslim Brotherhood students created a facebook group “Egyptians, Wake Up” to host discussions of issues related to reform and democracy.

In the group’s description, they wrote “Egyptians, wake up is an outcry for Egyptians to rise up from their deep sleep, and to urge our colleagues to contribute to their country’s reform.”

They added that the group represents the perspectives of MB students on several issues. They believe in plurality of opinions, provided that such opinions would help in reforming the country.

Abdul-Aziz Megahed (Spokesperson of MB Students at Cairo University and a founder of the Facebook group) emphasized that his group represents one of the MB media outlets to express their opinions on Egypt’s current affairs. He stressed that Facebook website became very important after the huge numbers of its subscribers allover the world; “It became important for the youth to express their views. May 4 strike call was mainly orchestrated by the website” he added.

The link of the MB Students Group: