MB students re-activate page on Facebook

MB students re-activate page on Facebook

  Muslim Brotherhood students in Egypt announced the re-activating of their Facebook group established for communicating, interacting, explaining the approach of the MB, and responding to rumours.


The group is called “Reformists” and carries the same name of the campaign launched in the Egyptian institutions and universities earlier this week.


The FB group also communicates with others to hear their opinions and to reveal the truth as well as sharing their experiences in the different fields of interest to students in addition to explaining their goals and aims


The campaign includes the involvement of thousands of students who ascertained that their campaign was a response to attempts of distorting the MB image. Circulated rumours include news of the MB MP’s receiving medical treatment from the public funds as well as “The Group” TV series aired during Ramadan.


The group published videos and articles explaining the MB ideology its, policies and visions of the political life in Egypt as well as articles about the history of the MB, and its leaders.