MB Supports Calls For Dialogue Among Palestinian Factions

Dr. Mohamed Habib, deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, stated that the MB endorses president Mubarak’s call during Sharm El-Sheikh summit for dialogue between Fatah and Hamas to protect the unity of the Palestinian people  

“We support president Mubarak’s view which is wise and realistic” 
Dr. Habib added that Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Syria can play a pivotal role in this regard, and the Palestinian factions must stop hostile statements and work for solving this crisis as soon as possible and move beyond it.
“Everyone must be aware of the serious challenges expected in the future. Hamas has extended its hand for dialogue from the very beginning, and it is up to President Abbas and Fattah to respond to this call”
Habib reiterated the MB’s respect to the authority of Mahmoud Abbas as an elected president and the Palestinian Legislative Council, which can’t be separated.