MB to sue The Youm El Saba paper for inaccurate allegations

MB to sue The Youm El Saba paper for inaccurate allegations

 Muslim Brotherhood MP Dr Hazem Farouk has denied recent rumours which alleged that he would compete in the runoff despite the group’s decision to boycott.

Farouk asserted that he was intending to sue the Youm El Saba newspaper responsible for printing the inaccurate news and publishing false allegations that he would ignore the group’s decision and run in the Shubra district.

The group which had won 88 seats in the 2005 polls failed to secure any seats outright in last Sunday’s election due to the heavy rigging by the regime. A majority of 72% had voted in its Shoura council to boycott the second round although 27 of the group were announced by the HEC to run.

The Youm El Saba had posted an article maintaining that Farouk was planning to surprise all and defy the group’s decision to boycott the poll and continue in round two.

In a statement to Ahram online MB leader Dr. Gamal Nassar ascertained that the MB were keen on the decision of  boycott the elections stressing that they were glad they were spared the pain of being part of an illegitimate and forged parliament.