MB Urges Interpol to Turn in Former Regime Officials

MB Urges Interpol to Turn in Former Regime Officials

Indicating the country’s determination to deal with past mistakes as it prepares for a new dispensation, the head of Interpol in Egypt Magdy al-Shafey has confirmed that his administration is keeping tabs on the movements of figures from the former regime involved in corruption cases remaining abroad, in 188 countries.

In an interview Shafey denied that the warrant has been lifted for any fugitives’ arrest. He asserted that the suspects’ movements and travels will be followed through all passport departments adding that in fact once the judiciary has issued arrest warrants and national Interpol offices will coordinate their efforts to bring in the offenders. Shafey ascertained that if the suspects are proven to have left the country, all other countries will be informed through a coordination of official notices. He attributed the reason of the suspects fleeing to Britain comes on the grounds that it is considered a safe place due to the absence of extradition agreements between the two countries.

He confirmed that his administration is currently preparing a file on the arrest of fled businessman Hussein Salem, accused of wasting public money and exporting Egyptian gas to Israel at prices below the international market rates. Despite allegations Shafey denied Salem’s presence in Israel stating that he is currently in Switzerland.

Red notices have also been sent against Rashid Mohamed Rashid former Trade and Industry Minister, former Finance Minister Yousef Boutros-Ghali who received a 30 year sentence in absentia and is currently in London and Hussein Salem to 188 countries.

Commenting on the fleeing ministers and businessmen Ammar Beltagy Muslim Brotherhood representative with the Revolutionary Youth Coalition highlighted that it was significant that they be brought back to Egypt, tried justly and punished quickly stressing that it was the least that could be done to appease the nation which for many years has been the victim of a corrupt regime which flourished on the country’s assets.

Shafey assured that the Interpol has in many cases succeeded in arresting suspects, including the apprehension of several businessmen in the United Arab Emirates.