• June 16, 2007
  • 3 minutes read

MB Urges Palestinians To Rally Around Their Elected Officials

MB Urges Palestinians To Rally Around Their Elected Officials

The Muslim Brotherhood urged all parties respect the will of the Palestinian people who elected the Palestinian Authority (PA) president and the Legislative Council which was elected in free and democratic elections .

The group confirmed in a statement issued on Saturday that the Palestinian infighting must be immediately stopped to spare the Palestinian blood

It confirmed its full rejections of the attempts to divide the Palestinian people.

Text of the Statement:

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Developments in Palestinian Territories

Allah says in thee Holy Quran: (The believers are naught else than brothers. Therefore make peace between your brethren and observe your duty to Allah that haply ye may obtain mercy.)

The Muslim Brotherhood is stunned by the deadly clashes that erupted during the last few months in Gaza between Hamas and Fatah groups. The MB has exerted so many efforts to reach a reconciliation, close ranks among the Palestinian national powers and spare the Palestinian blood that should only be shed in the battlefield while fighting the occupation that seizes their land and violates Islamic and Christian holy places.

We demand all parties inside and outside Palestine to respect the will of the Palestinian people and the legitimacy granted to both the President of Palestinian Authority, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, and the Legislative Council who were elected in free and democratic elections and to activate the Mecca Agreement which some tried to end. We call on all factions to return to dialogue to avoid further violence out of respect to the costly sacrifices by generations to liberate the territories of blessed Palestine and establish an independent sovereign and free Palestinian state, and resisting the occupation with all legitimate methods of resistance.

More efforts should be exerted to fight occupation, which is the main cause of these problems. We should also close ranks and coordinate actions and give priority to dialogue to achieve success (O ye who believe! When ye meet an army, hold firm and think of Allah much, that ye may be successful. And obey Allah and His messenger, and dispute not one with another lest ye falter and your strength depart from you; but be steadfast! Lo! Allah is with the steadfast. )

We strongly reject any attempts to divide the Palestinian people and territories and reject all malicious attempts aiming at adding more blockade on this great people. We call on all Arab and Islamic governments and popular powers all over the free world to support the Palestinians to overcome their latest ordeal. Was also call for maintaining aid to all Palestinian, condemning all US-EU backed Israeli measures that aim at dividing Palestine and planting a hedge among Palestinians and making them starve due to the blockade. We warn of such an inhumane and criminal action that may spawn more rage and tension all over the Arab and Islamic countries and all over the world.

The Muslim Brotherhood