MB Veterinarians Lead in Syndicate Elections

MB Veterinarians Lead in Syndicate Elections

Eng. Medhat Al-Hadad, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB) administrative office in Alexandria, asserted that the MB candidates for the Veterinary Syndicate’s election are currently in the lead garnering 24 of the 25 open seats. 

Speaking to Ikhwanweb he stated: “According to results announced Saturday morning, the MB, succeeded in acquiring a majority of the seats in the syndicate’s elections."

“The MB list secured 12 seats in most of the syndicate’s branches losing only 2 seats, namely in the Minya and Kafr el Sheik constituencies. They also won 16 out of the 14 syndicate’s committee seats”.

He expressed his satisfaction with the results which declared 90% to the MB candidates stressing that the group will immediately begin implementing its proposed agenda.

He added: “The syndicate’s elections were the first to be held in 20 years. The veterinarians head to the ballot boxes with as much enthusiasm and optimism as the people have been during the parliamentary elections. The people are craving change and look forward to a bright future after years of repression and corruption by the former ousted regime”.