• MB News
  • May 26, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

MB Warns against Counter Revolution and Amnesty

MB Warns against Counter Revolution and Amnesty

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Tuesday seminars held in governorates nationwide urged Egyptians to protect the revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak from those who might try to pervert it for their own gain. It denounced efforts by cronies of the former regime, who worked on spoiling the revolution’s success, describing it as a chance for opportunists to kidnap it and its accomplishments.

The MB leaders who spoke commended the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces which had vowed to pave the way for a free democratic system. They realized, however, the frustration of the numerous political factions who criticized the slow pace of reform and alleged rights abuses and called for the quick trial of the former president and his aides who were responsible for three decades of corruption. They also demanded the restoration of the country’s stolen assets.

The MB leader in Ismailia opposed the call by a handful of people for amnesty for the ex-president. He stressed it was unacceptable to give amnesty to a person who was responsible for inciting the killing of hundreds of peaceful protestors, stole the country’s funds and advocated corruption, adding it was imperative that justice take its course and that all those responsible be held accountable.

Former MB MP Dr. Gamal Heshmat opposed attempts by remnants of the regime to cause sedition and sectarian strife, stressing that national unity must be a priority for all Egyptians regardless of religion and ideological differences.

All the men stressed the significance of uniting and not falling prey to a few leftover  aides of the former regime, adding that although the country may be gripped by insecurity and sectarian unrest, a counter-revolution aimed at sowing chaos must not be allowed to happen.