MB Welcomes Election of First Woman Mayor in Egypt

MB Welcomes Election of First Woman Mayor in Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau member Dr. Osama Nasr welcomed the election of a woman as the mayor of an Upper-Egypt village on Sunday.

Nasr said in statements to Ikhwanweb that the victory of Evan Habil, a Christian woman, is proof that a woman can assume high administrative posts as long as she has the qualifications for that post.

“We in the Muslim Brotherhood greatly welcome this step.  We support women”s rights to elect and be elected to high ranking administrative positions, and this is the case with most participating Islamic movements in the world, particularly those which enjoy greater margins of freedom in Europe and Asia,” Nasr added.

“In Egypt however, the Muslim Brotherhood is living in an exceptional repressive environment that places difficult hurdles in the way of normalizing women participation on the organizational levels.”

Nasr asserted that women in the Muslim Brotherhood have proven capable of many responsibilities which many men cannot undertake.  He also confirmed that women are active in all the MB divisions, albeit covertly, to avoid any possible crackdown on women cadres.