• MB News
  • February 15, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

MB will apply to become party when time is right

MB will apply to become party when time is right

The Muslim Brotherhood’s media spokesman Dr. Essam El Erian has stated that steady and gradual reform must begin now, and it must begin on the terms that have been called for by millions of Egyptians over the past weeks.

Hence the MB confirms that the group stands firmly behind the demands of the Egyptian people as a whole and in moving forward, envisions the establishment of a democratic, civil state that draws on universal measures of freedom and justice, with central Islamic values serving all Egyptians regardless of colour, creed, political trend or religion.

Although it fully understands that change does not happen overnight, the MB believes change will lead to a new beginning rooted in justice and progress.

Mohsen Rady an MB leader agreed adding once an official legitimate committee has been formed it will apply to become an official party highlighting that the former tyranny of autocratic rule which had once prevented the establishment of a party will give way to immediate reform demonstrating a serious commitment to change, the granting of freedoms to all and the transition toward democracy.