MB will not refrain from helping citizens

MB will not refrain from helping citizens

 Following the announcement of semi-final results in which dozens of MB candidates failed and over 20 MB candidates entered a second round for re-elections on December 5, 2010, Dr Mahmoud Ezzat, deputy chairman of the MB, stated: “If the MB did not get into parliament, they will not refrain from helping the people.”

During a TV interview with Al-Arabiya satellite channel on Monday, Dr Ezzat denounced the accusations aimed at the MB of rioting and violent behavior during the elections, stressing that the documented facts and voters totally deny this, especially after they saw the amount of intransigence suffered by both MB candidates and their supporters.

Dr Ezzat pointed out that they had suffered many difficulties during the past years, as they won only one seat in the 1995 elections and 17 in the 2000 elections, stressing that the MB are working on helping people regardless of whether or not they win seats in parliament.

He pointed this out, saying: “Had the MB not been in the past parliament, the degeneration of Egypt would have increased.”

He stressed that the MB will continue their constitutional, legal and popular struggle and will always provide services to the people despite all the arbitrary measures taken against them by the regime.