MB will respect referendum results regardless of outcome

MB will respect referendum results regardless of outcome

Following the casting of his vote the Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie confirmed that the group was committed to respect the results of the referendum regardless of its outcome.

Although the group has pushed for Yes no pressure has been put on its members to vote in favour of the amendments.

According to Badie the Egyptians are the ones who have the authority to choose and no one can force the free people of Egypt to do anything adding the Egyptians cannot be fooled.

Badie stated in a press conference that he supported the referendum explaining he believed it will protect the Egyptian revolution. The chairman urged Egyptians to participate in the national referendum become pro-active and to abandon the apathy which was nationwide.

Badie described the Egyptians as building a new Egypt different from the corruption that was responsible for the destruction of the country for the past three decades.

Ending his statement Badie extended his warm wishes to all Egyptian stating that he congratulated Egypt on this great which he asserted will determine the future of an Egypt, which has finally restored its freedom.