MB Wins Post of Bahraini Parliament 2nd Deputy Speaker

Doctor Salah Ali- chairman of the Islamic national Al Menbar society in Bahrain (Muslim Brotherhood) and chief of its parliamentary bloc- won the post of the second deputy House Speaker unopposed; also being unopposed, both Khalifa Al Zharani was elected House Speaker, and Ghanem Al Bouinin was elected first deputy House Speaker.
The House of Representatives held a procedural session on Tuesday morning; it was postponed last Friday, because of the boycott of Al-Wefaq- which has 17 MPs out of the 40- seat parliament- in protest at forming the government and distributing posts inside parliament; it wanted to take the post of the House Speaker and first deputy House Speaker, something that the majority rejected and resorted to voting according to the bylaw.
Al Wefaq bloc boycotted the second session, held today morning, making the House of Representatives postpone the vote on electing chairmen of the committees till after next 9 January so that Al Wefaq participate in the House committees, after the House speaker demanded the house to approve postponing this until after the feast holiday and the return of Al Wefaq; a number of MPs rejected this and demanded a quick action of the house to address the problems facing the Bahraini people, especially after the heavy rainfall.
It is worth mentioning that the last days witnessed intensive negotiations between the blocs forming the House- Al Wefaq, Al Menbar and Asala- to reach an agreement over the House posts; however, these negotiations were hurdeled because of Al Wefaq bloc that insisted- although it doesn’t have a majority in the House- on getting the posts of the House Speaker and first deputy House Speaker, something that blocs of Al Menbar, Asala and Independents refused, declaring their support to Khalifa Al Zharani as a Parliament speaker for the second time.

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