MB Worker Leadership: We Are To Stand For Trade Union Election

The Trade Unions elections are the most complicated and vague ones, concocted in a way that it makes it a monopoly of the ruling National Party to the exclusive of other opposition parties or the Muslim Brotherhood, as stated by the Egyptian Trade Unions Head Assayed Rashed who has always boasted of that.  But new developments say otherwise. MB leadership and former MP Ali Fatehil Bab was quoted as saying that the Muslim Brotherhood is to field candidates for the coming Trade Union election slated September 25th through November 26th of this year. Fatehil Bab affirmed that there were common issues agreed on by the Muslim Brotherhood and other political opposition parties, such as standing up against vote rigging, spreading democracy, protesting any arbitrary measures against any candidate, as well as full judiciary supervision of the election process He affirmed that these principles will be the same common ones between the Muslim Brotherhood and the political opposition parties which will stand for the coming Trade Union election. The MB leadership lamented that the Ministry of Manpower and Migration as well as the Trade Union impose a blackout on the election procedures and adopts arbitrary measures against workers who prove to be members of a party rather than the ruling one or those who have any political belongings. This is , he said, an  attempt on the part of the government to deny such workers access to casting their votes for opposition parties or standing as candidates in these coming elections, which of course will work in favor of the ruling NDP candidates who in this way will either reap the majority of votes or win the election unopposed. Some reports affirm that authorities have actually started transferring workers suspected to belong to an opposition party or Muslim Brotherhood. The reports say that these transfers have come to appear mainly in Iron and Steel Companies in Helwan, south of Cairo, Textiles factories in Mehalla, north of Egypt, ready to wear garments factories in Port Said, sea transport in Alexandria, as well as Al Nasr Pipes Company. Fatehil Bab said in spite of these blackouts and arbitrary measures, candidates started their election propaganda campaign via posters and bills through which they present their programs they promise to implement once they win the election.