• November 1, 2006
  • 3 minutes read

MB Workers Transferred, Names Struck Off Electoral List

MB Workers Transferred, Names Struck Off Electoral List

The Egyptian state – owned factories witnessed security harassments against the Muslim Brotherhood candidates to scare them into renouncing their candidacy to the Workers’ Union election slated early November of this year.

 In Factory 45 for military production, MB candidate Yasser Abu Taleb- a Helwan- based MB candidate, was transferred from his factory to Factory 27 for military production in Shubra el Khaima, while other MB candidates were given tasks and jobs outside the factory to be denied meeting electorate workers or standing as candidates for the election.

At Factory 99 for military production, MB candidate Tarek Sayed was excluded from standing for membership of the Syndicate, which why he had to stand for the membership of board of directors instead.

Sayed said that the security agencies threatened him of transferring to another remote working site if he didn’t renounce his candidacy. He also added that the security agencies exercised pressures on the candidates for the board of directors to scare them into renouncing their candidacy and give way for the regime – backed list of candidates.

The security agencies also struck off the name of MB candidate Mahmoud Mohammed Hassan without giving reasons. In the same context, the officials at the General Syndicate for Chemicals earlier yesterday withheld papers of an MB candidate in his quest for the election credentials, delaying them until late at 5 o’clock p.m.

 Commenting on these repressive measures , MP Ali Sayed Fateh el Bab said that the workers election this year is witnessing very serious excesses on the part of the government which regards the election as a matter of life or death, adding that such repressive policy does harm to the interests of workers.

 It is noted that these arbitrary measures drew a lot of protests on the part of candidates who lodged 800 lawsuits before the State Council against Minister of Manpower and Immigration Aisha Abdul Hadi and Chairman of the Workers’ Union Hussein Megawer, due to the conditions they imposed which make it binding on any candidate to obtain a membership certificate from the subsidiary syndicates, although the Higher Constitutional Court rendered this condition null and void.