MB’s Freedom and Justice Party welcomes membership for all

MB’s Freedom and Justice Party welcomes membership for all

Media Spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Mohamed Morsy has stated that the Freedom and Justice party being formed by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood will not discriminate in its membership between Muslims, Christians, males and females.

In a recent interview on state TV Morsy explained that while it will represent the politically focused side of the group, it will continue in it’s ‘dawaa’ or preaching activities.

He asserted that the MB does not call for a religious state but rather urges that Egypt be run a s a civil state which ensures equality for all regardless of religion, sex, ideological differences and creed.

Saad Husseini from the MB’s Executive Bureau stresses that although the group stands firm refusing to appoint Copts and women as president it welcomes the posting of Copts in leadership positions if they fit the criterion.

He highlighted that despite this opinion belonging to the party it respects all opinions and does not  impose this view on the people who are free to vote since democracy and freedom of speech is what the group advocates.

The party’s agenda is scheduled to be announced at the end of the month after discussions within the group’s Executive Bureau and Shura Council end.