• November 22, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

MB’s Habib Criticizes Rose El Yousef over Misquote

MB’s Habib Criticizes Rose El Yousef over Misquote

MB First Deputy Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Habib, released a statement refuting claims published by the daily Rose El Yousef, in which the paper said that the Muslim Brotherhood depicted the Egyptian people as stupid. The deputy chairman accused the paper of misinterpreting and misquoting the statement made by the group.

The Financial Times quoted Habib as saying that” we will make much progress if we succeed in urging the masses to relinquish apathy and passivity- which comes as a reaction to the dictatorial regime and the repressive rule which falsify the nation’s will.”. However, daily Rose Al Yousef misquoted the statement, in its issue dated November 22, 2006, by placing the word stupid instead of apathy.

” It was an attempt of the daily paper to foment a crisis between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian people”, he said, adding that the Muslim Brotherhood is proud of the Egyptian people and cannot proceed without their support.

Habib called on the paper editorship to refer to the text which daily Nahdat Misr quoted from the British Financial Times, lamenting that Rose el Yousef seeks to deliberately mar the MB’s image by publishing misleading and incorrect information.