MB’s Statement on Tunisia’s Uprising and the Demands of the Egyptian People

MB’s Statement on Tunisia’s Uprising and the Demands of the Egyptian People

A recent statement by the Muslim Brotherhood has asserted that the group believes immediate reform is necessary if Egypt is not to follow suit in Tunisia’s historical uprising witnessed worldwide.

The incidents that happened in Tunisia during December 2010 and January 2011 are a cornerstone for the events experienced by the peoples of the Arab region and the Islamic world. The Tunisian people have risen up against the oppression, injustice, corruption, the government and the family of the ruler and his corrupted assistants for a quarter of a century.

The whole world, especially the West and the Zionists were surprised by what happened and no body was able to stop the people’s  anger which has exploded in the face of the tyranny. The arab regimes were in a state of uncertainty and shock at what happened with the tyrannical dictator Tunisia who fled as a consequence.

The Tunisian uprise  is  a clear message to all bodies both  inside and outside Tunisia 

1 – It is a message to all oppressed and forbearing peoples that pressured  people can achieve much

2 – It is a message to the oppressors, corrupt rulers and regimes that nothing lasts forever and nobody is secure at their post

3 – It is a message to all unjust and tyrannical powers  and to those who have the money to control the rulers of the third world, especially in  the Arab and Muslim world.

These messages  addressing all the bodies representing  a historical turning point and a new dimension in the lives of Arab and Muslim peoples. We believe that the  reasons and motives that led to this  uprising in Tunisia  are exactly the same in many countries of the region in which we live, in particular, in our country Egypt.

If the case is the same including corruption, injustice, economic crisis and a long term oppressive regime then what should other countries expect?
Because we are keen on the peace and stability of the community in all conditions; because we believe that the constitutional struggle is the natural course of political, economic, social and community reform. We, the Muslim Brotherhood, are an integral part of this nation, we observe accurately and realistically the other party and the existing system in the country which owns which has the ability to reform and change more than anyone else if it had the will and desire to do so.

This equation; stability by the people and the Muslim Brotherhood against the will of the system, its ability – and duty – to bring peaceful reform and positive change. we say that this equation is undergoing a critical and delicate stage, and because unfortunately this system does not take serious actions to combat the spread corruption and bring the desired reform. This situation can not continue while the system is unbalanced and does not consider solving any problems except by referring it to the security services to save itself the effort. If the current system did not move quickly to take responsibility and take the initiative to bring serious reform, stability will not last long.

As we are keen on the stability of this country and wish to avoid possible anger, we call for the following demands:

First: the abolition of the State of Emergency imposed on the Egyptians for thirty years without achieving security or preventing crimes for all those years.

Second: the dissolution of the forged People’s Parliament by issuing a presidential decree and to conduct free and fair elections to form a new council under full judicial supervision which would reflect the wills of the people and achieve their hopes and aspirations.

Third: Bringing constitutional amendments for articles 5, 76, 77, 88 and179 to ensure the freedom to run for the elections with a democratic choice in the upcoming presidential elections under full judicial supervision and the abolition of the constitutional conflict and achieving compatibility with the fundamentals, history and culture and civilization of this great country.

Fourth: The swift and effective action to solve the critical problems of the citizens as the beginning of of real economic reform which would achieve social justice by providing essential goods and medicine, particularly the reform of the educational system and the availability of health budgets to do so by:

1 – Using the surplus funds for which a budget of more than 1200 billion pounds are controlled by corrupts.

2 – Using the benefits the ministers and senior state officials get, which is worth billions of pounds and selling what has not been used in a public auction for the benefit of the people.

3 – stopping the pumping of oil and gas to the Zionists and to review the prices and export it to other countries.

4 – Re-consideration of the prices of the lands which have been allocated to some businessmen and corrupt guardians of the system, which is worth hundreds of billions, and to sell what has not been used ina public auction for the benefit of the people.

Fifth: immediately reviewing the Egyptian foreign policy, especially regarding the Zionists and the need to cut ties with them and support the Palestinian resistance as well as the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Sixth: the release and granting of  general pardon to all political prisoners and all those who received prison sentences of special courts which are not competent with the trial of civilians such as the State Security or Military Courts.

Seventh: the immediate response to the demands announced by factions and has been under demand for years.

Eighth: The freedom to form political parties by notification, the abolition of restrictions on the publication of newspapers and all forms of the media.

Ninth: The trial of corrupts who inflated their wealth abnormally during the past years.

Tenth: the revitalization of the Egyptian civil society and the abolition of the security intervention in the internal affairs of all schools and universities, trade unions, NGOs, endowments and human rights organizations.

The Muslim Brotherhood
19 January 2011