Medical Committee To Exmaine Nour’s Deteriorating Health

 “ Nour’s health condition is deteriorating as he suffers numerous serious illnesses besides lack of health care in prison”,  Nour’s wife Miss Gameela Ismael said this in an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb.

She also pointed out that Nour’s case is a political rather than criminal one, citing Actor Tamer Hosni whose  sentence was mitigated although he was convicted of forgery in government papers.

 She called on local and international civil society organizations to bring pressure to bear on the Egyptian government to release Nour. 

The Ghad Party Chairman is to undergo a medical examination by a medical committee including a doctor from the prison to determine how serious his health is and whether this could pose a threat to his life.

Attorney General Chief Justice Abdul Rehim Mahmoud earlier given orders to juridical quarters to  look into the request submitted by Nour’s  lawyer for the release of his client, citing his deteriorating health which could endanger his life.

In his capacity as  the attorney general, Mr. Abdul Rehim said that he is empowered to use his authority to order a release on health reasons if medical statements  show that the prisoner’s stay in prison pose a threat to his life.

It is noted that the Cardiologist Dr. Azz el Din el Sawi of Nasser Heart Hospital had earlier in August examined Nour in prison and demanded that he in need of a heart surgery, while Oculist Dr. Ahmed Hathout had said in Nour’s recent trial session that he in bad need of an immediate treatment of his eye, in addition that doctors ask for follow up of his health state after an accident he had in 1998 in which he had broken his backbone and still needs physical therapy treatment to save his state before it futher deteriorate and couod completely incapacitate him in the long run; his dentist also warned that he needs a surgery.

The medical committee is to release its report hours after the examination. To add fuel to fire, the Parliament secretary general refused to hand Nour’s wife the file related to her husband’s health under the pretext that she has no power of attorney as such.

 In response to this act, Nour’s lawyer submitted a report at Kasr el Nil Police Station against the Parliament secretary general.

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