Memo to the Parliament Holding Gov’t Responsible for Frequent Disasters in Egypt

Memo to the Parliament Holding Gov’t Responsible for Frequent Disasters in Egypt

Hamdi Hassan (the media spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc) submitted a memo to the PA accusing the Egyptian government of failure in facing frequent disasters occurring in Egypt, attributing this to the lack of serious planning and crisis management mechanisms.  

Hassan stressed the invalidity of the government’s claims to be taking care of the poor and those of low-income who represent the majority of victims in these disasters, and who are now more than 90% of the Egyptian people.

In the explanatory memorandum filed by the MB MP, he stressed on the sufferings of Egypt from serious disasters that occurred frequently, where a large number of Egyptian people were their victims, most of them or may be all of them were poor, low-income and neglected people.

He added that Egypt suffered from many disasters starting from the fire of Upper-Egypt’s train, to the sinking of the ferry and its thousand victims, to the collapse of buildings and houses, and the rockslide of Al-Doweeqa despite warnings of the experts and their expectations of that rockslide, and the fire of the Shura Council and the National Theater which were not the last of these disasters, and he expected the continuation of such disasters.

He referred to the fire of the Shura Council, pointing out to the fact that we could not overlook the devastating fire of the Shura Council, which is one of the largest institutions in the country located in the heart of Cairo, and has its great archaeological historical value, and which was affected by the disasters that Egypt witnessed recently.