Meoni: Geneva government to finance Palestinian heritage museum

Meoni: Geneva government to finance Palestinian heritage museum

GAZA —  Patrice Meoni, the minister of culture in the Geneva government, said that his government was ready to finance the establishment of a Palestinian heritage museum in the Gaza Strip.

He told the Palestinian culture minister in the government of Ismail Haneyya Dr. Osama Al-Aisawi during a meeting in Gaza on Monday that he would return Palestinian antiquities, currently in Geneva, to Gaza to be on display in that museum.

The minister recalled that Geneva had hosted a number of Palestinians from the West Bank and the Strip in youth training camps.

For his part, Aisawi said that the Palestinians are a peaceful people who want their independence and sovereignty.

The minister underlined that the three-year-old Israeli siege on the Strip has devastated all sectors in Gaza, noting that on the cultural level no new books were allowed into the Strip during that period.

Both ministers agreed that the Geneva government would finance the establishment of the mobile library project that the Palestinian culture ministry was planning to launch soon. They also agreed that Geneva would invite a number of Gazan youths to develop their talents in cultural and artistic aspects.