MEP Calls MB Detentions “Scandal”

A member of the European parliament criticizes the Egyptian regime’s ongoing policy of detentions against Egyptian activists.
The Vice-President of the European Parliament for democracy and human rights, Edward McMillan-Scott, criticized the Egyptian regime’s continuous policy of detentions against Egyptian political activists, describing it as an international scandal.
Scott- also a member of the foreign affairs committee in the European Parliament- said he condemns arresting 75 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) political activists and potential candidates for the coming Shura Council elections, raising to 300 the number of political detainees, according to him .
Scott described the Muslim Brotherhood group as a political legitimate power, pointing out that he headed a team of Members of European Parliament (MEPs) and monitored the last legislative elections, in which the Muslim Brotherhood garnered 88 seats in the 454-seat lower chamber of parliament, despite election rigging and the regime’s violence against its opponents including the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Ghad party leader, Ayman Nour .
Scott said that he met Muslim Brotherhood leaders during the last elections, and he said:” Although we do not approve their religious agenda, we insist on giving them their right in a freedom of expression .
“The European Parliament has recently issued a number of political statements that confirm the deteriorating political situation in Egypt” said the MEP, pointing out that Ayman Nour – the leader of Al-Ghad (Tomorrow) Party and the Muslim Brotherhood leaders aren’t the only political detainees in Egypt, there is also Talaat Al Sadat – nephew of president Sadat – who is currently serving a year in prison on charge of insulting the military institution, with a full collaboration from the House Speaker. Ahmed Fathi Serour.
Scott stressed that the European Parliament condemns the Egyptian regime’s bad treatment to Egyptian MPs, topped by Ayman Nour who was accused by Mubarak’s regime of forging 25 signatures to establish his party, to lose his parliamentary seat, political freedom, family, and health at the hands of a cult that spreads a culture of intimidation and corruption.


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Edward McMillan-Scott is a member of the EPP-ED Group, the majority centre-right group in the European Parliament.  Since 1992 Conservative MEPs have been associate members, getting the benefit of the largest group while enjoying complete freedom to follow their manifesto


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