Meshaal: Palestinians do not want a nominal state

Meshaal: Palestinians do not want a nominal state

 Hamas politburo chief Khalid Meshaal said Wednesday that the Palestinians do not want a nominal state that asks the world to recognize it, but a real state with sovereignty over its own land, free of occupation, and with Jerusalem as the capital.

Meshaal spoke Wednesday warmly welcoming the Asian Convoy 1, which taking humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. “You are a brave people, with high human values,” he said. “Tell your people that the Palestinians and Arabs say thank you for this convoy.”

“I want you to know that Israel is illegitimate, today and tomorrow. It is an occupying, murderous, racist state, heading terrorism in the world, and not only in the region. The Gaza siege is not Israel’s only crime.”

As Israel kills children and women, and tortures more than 8,000 of our captives, the real option for the Palestinians is resistance and not negotiations, Meshaal said.

The Palestinian leader criticized stands taken by Palestinian officials, saying their views do not represent the will of the Palestinians, the majority of their forces believing Israel illegitimate and that the way to free Palestine is through resistance.

“Your convoy’s objective is the same objective of the Palestinians. Today we break the siege on Gaza, and tomorrow we free Palestine, God-willing,” Meshaal went on to say, calling for more efforts in busting Israel’s illegal blockade that has been suffocating the region.

“Asia has a history of resistance against occupation and colonialism. We want the battle to free Palestine to be a model for the Asian battle for liberty.”

“We not only want to break the siege and end the Israeli occupation, but also to prosecute Israeli leaders for their crimes on all international forums.”

“The Palestinians have a passion for heroism and will sacrifice until achieving their national enterprise and self-determination.”

“Today we meet you in Syria, tomorrow you will be met on freed Gazan land, and soon we will meet you on freed Jerusalem land, God-willing.”