Meshaal considers releasing Johnston a great achievement for Hamas

The chief of the Political Bureau of the Palestinian Islamist Movement of resistance, Hamas, has hailed the release of the BBC correspondent Alan Johnston. He stated that such act shows that Hamas movement has returned that security to Gaza strip.
Khaled Meshaal added in a private statement to Reuters from Damascus that Hamas has been able to end this file which offended the whole Palestinian people. He said that such step of releasing was the fruit of continuous efforts made by Hamas during the last months.
Meshaal also referred to Johnston’s release saying, “It showed the difference between the era in which a group used to encourage and commit security anarchy and chaos and the current situation in which Hamas is seeking to stabilize security.”

Musheer Al- Masry, the secretary of the change and reform movement led by Hamas, has confirmed in a private statement to Ikhwanweb that relesing Alan Johnston is a step that honorably represents the great efforts made by the battalions of Ezz Al-Deen Al-Qassam, the military wing of Hamas, and Hamas movement to put an end to the terrible phenomenon of kidnapping.

Musheer also considered such step a crystal clear evidence that Hamas movement has succeeded in prevailing and settling down peace and security to Gaza strip after the coup d’etat forces in Palestine has committed many crimes against the Palestinians for a long time.

Al- Jazeera correspondent in Gaza and a Paletinian reliable source have previously confirmed the release of Alan Johnston in Gaza, the correspondent who was kidnapped on March 12, 2007. They confirmed he was in a good condition.

Al- Jazeera correspondent said that Johnston has met the Palestinian Prime minister, Ismail Hania, in his house in Gaza directly after Jonston was released. Journalists and correspondents were gathered around Johnston infront of Hania’s house. Johnston was accompanied by his colleagues from the BBC who have confirmed his releasing in London, and said they would publish a report about it very soon.

In a news conference inside Hamas Bureau, Johnston thanked everyone who had worked towards his release, and thanked the Palestinian people.

Johnston was handed over to officials of Hamas in the early hours of Wednesday morning after a successful process of exchanging the kidnapped between them and the Islam Army group. Such exchanging process was done by the public opposition committees in Gaza.