Message by Muslim Brotherhood Acting Chairman Regarding Latest Events in Al Aqsa Mosque

Message by Muslim Brotherhood Acting Chairman Regarding Latest Events in Al Aqsa Mosque

 Aqsa defenders in Jerusalem and surrounding regions alone are facing the Zionist occupation and terror, supported by the US, aided and abetted by both the East and the West. Meanwhile, peoples of the Arab and Muslim world are oblivious to Zionist terror and traitorous alliances, preoccupied as they are with their attempt to heal their own wounds from the oppression of their reckless rulers or their sectarian or ethnic strife.

As rulers deal with their peoples with tyranny, and kneel in humiliation to their enemies and the enemies of their nation, Aqsa defenders had no weapon but their faith in the face of the terror of the occupation army, which used against them the most heinous means of repression and treachery.

With pride, Palestinians of Jerusalem rejected the destruction of the Aqsa Mosque and the humiliating treatment of worshipers at the hands of Zionist occupation forces. When they were prevented from entering their holy mosque and compound, Aqsa defenders gathered in a peaceful sit-in where they performed the five daily prayers as well as the Friday Prayer on time.

Palestinians of territories occupied in 48 and 67 responded overwhelmingly, joining those of Jerusalem.

Friday Prayers were held outside many mosques around Al-Aqsa and in far away areas. The whole world watched this scene, which highlighted the Zionist occupation’s repression, as it prevented peaceful worshipers from performing their prayers.

Muslims around the world joined Palestine’s Aqsa defenders, in solidarity and heartfelt support.

World powers were forced to convene a meeting of the UN Security Council in order to contain the crisis and cover up Zionist terrorism, which entrenches American hegemony over the world order and redistributes the wealth of peoples and nations to this unjust world order that puts its own materialistic interests above all human values and principles.

The Palestinian Authority and Arab regimes, represented by the League of Arab States, were forced to issue statements or request meetings, before Friday Prayers, to restore the situation to where it was before the prayers ban so they could return to negotiating the deal of humiliation and treachery.

May God grant a great reward to Aqsa defenders, young and old, men and women, as well as their scholars who marched with bare chests facing the Zionists’ bullets. With their steadfastness and sacrifices, the peoples of the Muslim world came out to support the captive Aqsa, Muslims’ third holiest site.

The Muslim world will not forget the patriotic position taken by Christians and the Church in Palestine in the defense of their homeland. This will be an argument against Crusader extremism, which supports and is allied with Zionist terrorism.

Furthermore, the peoples of the Muslim world will not forget the stances taken by the fair-minded in the East and the West.

Those last remaining few who still stand against evil, tyranny and repression. Their goodness will be rewarded, God willing, in even greater measure, when Muslims are victorious and justice is done.

Aqsa Mosque and Al-Quds Al-Sharif will remain the focus of the conflict between Zionist terrorism – together with its global alliance – and the generation of victory, for the liberation of Aqsa Mosque, in the Holy City, and in their own villages and towns throughout the Muslim world. They resist injustice and oppression, and never resort to violence in their facing up to repressive regimes that succumb to the terror of the Zionists and their allies.

Muslims must hurry back to their Lord, and obey His commands.

Dr Mahmoud Ezzat

Muslim Brotherhood Acting Chairman

Monday – July 31, 2017