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  • October 19, 2016
  • 3 minutes read

Message from Muslim Brotherhood Leader Dr Mohamed Abdel-Rahman to Members and Supporters

Message from Muslim Brotherhood Leader Dr Mohamed Abdel-Rahman to Members and Supporters
To all members of the Muslim Brotherhood…

Our pledge and mission – our "brotherhood in God" compels us to move to support our brothers and our leaders, and to go out in all public squares to reject this injustice, this oppression, and to support their sublime steadfastness as they are targeted by the criminal regime’s heinous plot to wipe them out. We shall not fail them, God willing. We shall sacrifice everything we can to protect them from the traitorous oppressors. We are sure of ultimate triumph, with God’s help and blessing.

First and foremost, in these difficult circumstances for our call, we need complete and unshakable belief in God and His support for the faith. The future is for this faith. We need to fully believe that our ideology is the greatest of all, and that our way is the best at all. We need to know and believe in our good principles, we would never deviate, compromise or otherwise be misled or deceived.

Belief boosts patience and resilience in situations of distress, and sacrifice for the sake of principles, without avarice or greed. Belief leads to commitment and strong faith in God when life is dominated by mighty waves of temptation.

Let not your enemies’ strength scare or intimidate you, even if they have great numbers and monstrous armaments. God is the believers’ Guardian, Who protects them, and blesses them with victory. We, in fact, are nothing but a tool for God’s will, and the ultimate triumph. We are powerless except for God’s help.

Never despair, for ‘despair’ is a word that does not exist in the dictionary of Muslims. In all our conditions, at all times, we are optimistic and reassured. We are glad that we belong to this religion, read the Holy Quran, and follow the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him. We believe that God is high above all else, but most people do not realize. We believe that God’s commands will come to pass, and that certainly – when all is said and done – the believers, the pious will be the ultimate winners.