• January 12, 2014
  • 6 minutes read

Message from Prisoners of Wadi Natrun Jail about their Total Food Strike

Message from Prisoners of Wadi Natrun Jail about their Total Food Strike

 We salute the proud, patriotic people of Egypt, who wrote in the records of history unique sagas of determination, devotion and self-sacrifice. We still remember how you impressed the whole world during the great January 25 Revolution, the peaceful Revolution with which you successfully overthrew a repressive regime that had controlled every aspect in the society, with roots running deep for decades.

The January 25 Revolution is truly an epic that shows the resilience, resolve, peacefulness and geniality of this worthy nation, a peaceful epic for which you paid dearly with your blood and the blood of your loved ones, the noble martyrs.

We hail the great Egyptian people. We now need that January 25 spirit. You have always been known for your chivalry, compassion and help for the oppressed. We address this message to you, knowing your love of this homeland and your keenness on its safety and stability.

All those who died in Rabaa and Nahda massacres and in all other massacres executed in the squares of liberty, dignity and honor are sons and daughters of this dear country. You have to seek retribution for their spilt blood. We also demand you retaliate for women and girls who were brutally beaten or badly treated by coup security personnel who sexually harassed and raped them, and who arrested women on allegations of fighting terrorism. As a modest contribution from us, we the detainees of Nahda massacre, now held in Wadi Natrun Prison, declare a complete hunger strike. Joining us are detainees of Fateh Mosque events, October 6 incidents, Kerdasa raids and Azhar university students. We declare that we will continue the hunger strike until God guides Egyptians to a resounding victory. 

We demand the following: 

First: The immediate release of all political detainees who were arrested from July 3 until now. We remind and urge Egypt’s judiciary to stop following the orders of security forces and to deal justice among all Egyptians. 

Second: This hunger strike is in support for all our brothers and sisters who turn out in streets, squares and universities across the nation, sacrificing their own blood to restore all the gains of the  January 25 Revolution, to support the pillars of justice and democracy, to preserve this nation’s unique identity, and to reinstate the legitimate elected President. We owe those selfless, peaceful protesters and revolutionaries our deep respect and gratitude. 

We also strongly condemn the following: 

First: Brutal assaults and attacks by coup security forces against honorable women and girls of Egypt, who will be remembered in this homeland’s glorious pages of history for their heroic role and patriotic dedication to this nation. 

Second: The illegitimate constitution that effaces Egyptian identity, serves the autocracy and obliterates all the gains of the January 25 Revolution. 

Third: Protest and terrorism laws that give the security forces complete freedom to act in a maximum force approach under the umbrella of the law. 

Prisoners of Wadi Natrun jail
January 6, 2014