• March 26, 2006
  • 6 minutes read

Message to Arab Kings and Presidents From Mr. Akef

Message to Arab Kings and Presidents From Mr. Akef

Mr. M. Akef, Chairman of the MB, issued a statement to Arab Kings and presidents on the occasion of holding the Arab summit in Sudan

 In the name of God Most Gracious, Most Merciful
 All praises be to God; and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger, his family and proponents.

Your Excellency, Arab kings, Presidents and Princes. Peace be with you. I pray to God to bring about an agreement among you in the summit you are holding, by the will of God, in Khartoum by the end of March 2006; to let your words  unite on truth; and to grant you success in doing what is good for Arab and Islamic Ummah.

I seize this opportunity to congratulate you for the anniversary of Prophet Mohammed birth, God’s peace and blessings be upon him, who is the best to call to the Way of the Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching , and the best to rule with justice and to set up truth. All of us should know that Justice is the basis of ruling. I would like to draw your attention to some basic, significant and urgent issues that surround our Ummah and threaten its security and safety
First: The Ummah is in need of freedom, which is one of its basic rights. This is your responsibility before God and history. Freedom is the basis of development;providing atmosphere of freedom in our homes causes to release the powers of the Ummah and enables it to revive after long stumble and to advance quickly towards the aspired progress.

Second: A productive nation is a strong one; we have to produce our food, medicine and weapons in order to have a free-will and independent decision, and to act in the way our Ummah deserves.

Third: Unity of Arab and Muslim people is a necessity for that period, in addition to being a demand by Ummah as a basic prop for revival. Lets start activating the specialized councils which pave the way for achieving the comprehensive unity.

Fourth: Comprehensive development of all Arab and Islamic states is our responsibility and a legitimate religious duty . This development requires good handling and usage of the resources we have, which includes but not limited to Oil;raw material;stable climate; geography;common language;population density;balanced belief;and the wise example of leadership practiced by our Prophet, God’s peace and blessings be upon him, are all factors of power and elements of excellence for the revival system that all of us must work to achieve.

Fifth: The Palestinian cause is an axial one for all Arab and  Muslim peoples. The present conflict is between Arab and Muslims on one hand; and Zionists and biased Western governments that support the Zionists in their aggression against Palestinian land and people, on the other hand. This happens in the same time Zionists continue their project to control all of Palestine and deprive the Palestinians of their right to live on the their own land; in addition to preventing them from establishing their independent state with Jerusalem as its the capital; fragmentizing the Palestinian land by establishing the separation wall; and blockading the Palestinian people, especially after choosing the Islamic Resistance Movement in the last legislative elections. We appeal to you, as you are responsible of the Ummah, to stand in unity against the Judaization project, the attempts to destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque and the establishment of the separation wall.
 Sixth: Palestinian Authority now are in need of all forms of the Ummah’s support, politically, economically and materially, because it is the choice of the Palestinian people. It is our duty to be with them in the same trench; and to let the world feel that Arab and Muslim people are one body of which the resistant Palestinian people are the heart. The Ummah expects from your summit to reach conclusive decisions about that, in order to let the Palestinians do without the conditioned support from America, Western Europe and others controlled by the US administration which is influenced by the pro-Israeli lobby

 Seventh: Iraqi people are living under the unjustified American occupation. They are suffering war and its destructive impacts. They face the challenges of sectarian, doctrinal and ethnic division. They are paying a very expensive price. They are invaded by many deviant ideas that has no relation to religion or culture, and attempt to keep them away from right and moderate Islam. These challenges may go along with the dangers of domestic fighting, if took place, God forbids, it would threaten the security of Iraq. All these challenges stemmed from the occupation, which must leave Iraq immediately

 Eighth:  Sudan and its causes fall in our interests and affect national Arab security. It is very clear that the Zionists and the American administration are acting illegally in southern and eastern Sudan. We must unite in solidarity with Sudan especially concerning Darfur issue.

Your Excellency, Arab kings, Presidents and Princes..
This is what we see as urgent issues which I felt it is my responsibility and duty to tell you about. Full of hope, I pray to God to let these words be a focus of some of your discussions and to interact with them so they would turn into conclusive decisions and beneficial activities on Arab and Islamic levels.
O God bear witness that I advised them

Mohammad Mahdi Akef
Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood