Messages in Initiative of Muslim Brotherhood Students

Messages in Initiative of Muslim Brotherhood Students


This year, the Muslim Brotherhood students at Cairo University released an initiative to reform the atmosphere of the student activity. The students called it “Centenary of Hope” in reference to marking the 100 anniversary of establishing the university (1908-2008) and the start of a second centenary. The initiative included four points:


1-    Work arena: The Muslim Brotherhood students confirm that they will continue apply for forming official groups through which they can do student activities, hoping that the university administration will not obstruct forming groups or hurdle their activities.

2-    Elections: The students offer a good will gesture. They plan to field candidates in only one single committee out of the seven student union committees- according to the new student regulation, and that they don”t plan to submit a candidate for the student union chairman although this is a legitimate right for students, hoping that the university allows a fair election process that lives up the position of the university and to help students practice politics and have interactions with the general affair.

3-    Activities practiced: The students will this year tackle a humanitarian and social value in their campaign plus their services to their colleagues. This may help set the scene for the wished-for reform the student arena, wishing that the spates of investigations, arbitrary measures and dismissals taken by faculty boards and disciplinary boards come to a halt.

4-    Partnership: The students stressed that they seek partnership with all student bodies: unions, societies and groups inside the campus university especially in agreed areas. They put themselves under orders of the university administration and professors to benefit from their abilities in a way that serves the university and homeland.


I recommend that the full text of the initiative be read. There are some important messages that we read between the lines:


* The youth are really the future. What happens in Egyptian universities is an annual death certificate for the future generations of this country, moral assassinations which are no less than torturing Bilal, the announcer at Al-Nas satellite channel and beating Hamada to quadriplegia.


*The public opinion and intellectuals should encourage and support the Egyptian youth because they are the real hope. They should support their legitimate demands in practicing their rights with freedom.


*Everyone should neutrally have their say to clearly know who is the criminal and who is the victim, and they should never equally treat both categories.


*All decision making and executive bodies in our country Egypt are under control of the security and police mentality that gives politics or thinking no space to move or take decisions.


* Placings of Egyptian universities are very modest in the international rankings, a natural and expected result due to the fact that the university decisions- whatever their sources- are less mature and less wise from the students” decisions”, their anticipation of the future and their interest in the common good.


*The university professor- whose message is second in ranking after prophets- should never sell his conscience and kill the present and future of the university when he allows security interventions to permeate through universities.


*University professors- the top elite in the society- should be aware of the divine repercussions of striking off names, dismissals and other injustices committed against the youth.


*The university is a miniature of the society. Those calling on the Muslim Brotherhood group to give concessions to end the claims through which the ruling party justifies restricting public freedoms should study this miniature at the university to know and be sure that it is not the case of enmity with the Muslim Brotherhood as much as it is an enmity to any thing to the public good and interest of people, and that whatever initiatives and concessions that the Muslim Brotherhood may offer, the ruling party will maintain the policy of tyranny and oppression.


*The differing attitudes of the Muslim Brotherhood students towards elections in the various universities clearly proves that Muslim Brotherhood leaders don”t move students with ” a remote control”. This even exposes those whose administration is remotely controlled and implement decisions of striking students off election lists and dismiss them without even thinking of the change in incidents or attitudes.


* The Muslim Brotherhood students and other university students dream of a better future and seek a better university. They want to build and exert efforts for a glorious and decent Egypt .


*The Muslim Brotherhood has got able, promising and mature young men who are creative and can make up great solutions.


*The Islamic movement youth should be proud of their affiliation to this Islamic cultural project. They should exert their utmost efforts, thought and time to serve their Da”wa (mission) that gives them the initiative, appreciates their zeal and supports them.


*The Muslim Brotherhood has got a youth who can maintain the march of a 80 years old group, raising the banner of its ideology and working for achieving its targets and its hopes.


*The group should always trust its students as usual. If they err sometimes, they are correct in many times and from their errors they correct their future decisions and they learn how they take decisions and bear their responsibly for them.


The initiative of the Muslim Brotherhood students in Cairo University is a carved-in-history chain. It is a part of the honorable history of the student movement throughout the Egyptian history and its long struggle. The students will always make up more creative means. We very much lament those working for obstructing this glorious of march which isn”t only a march of a group of students, it is a march of an entire nation.



* Former secretary general of the free student union, Cairo University