Michael Oren: sorry, but you represent a Nazi state

Michael Oren: sorry, but you represent a Nazi state

In trying to whitewash Israel’s cruel crimes against the Palestinian people, including the ongoing cruel campaign against the Gaza Strip, Israel’s ambassador to the United States Michael Oren made a mockery of human decency, freedom of speech and objective truth.

During a lecture at the University of California-Irvine on Monday, 8 February, Oren tried to present Israel’s ugly face as that of a civilized, democratic state that shares basic western values such as human rights and civil liberties.

However, many students in the audience couldn’t just bear hearing the pornographic lies.

They heckled him, shouting “killers” and “how many Palestinians did you kill.”

Some of the pro-Zionist officials of UC-Irvine lost their nerves as the hasbara activity was transformed into a great embarrassment.

Earlier, the Muslim Students Union at the UC-Irvine condemned the presence of the ambassador of the apartheid state on campus.

“Oren personally participated in the Israeli Defense forces in wars that took place in Lebanon and Palestine. Oren and his partners should only be granted a speakers platform in the International Criminal Court.”

Infuriated by the students’ outcry against Israel’s nefarious crimes against the people of Gaza and other Palestinians and Lebanese, Zionist apologists have accused Muslim students on UC-Irvine campus of “demonizing Israel.”

Well, the truth of the matter is that it is not the students who are demonizing Israel; it is Israel that is demonizing itself by acting and behaving like a criminal, murderous state that murders children by the hundreds and then claims it did by mistake.

Hence, we can say that Oren was interrupted not because he was Jewish, but rather because he represented a criminal state.

In fact, the students who confronted the representative of the thuggish entity should be applauded, cheered and saluted for their very moral behavior.

Indeed, if sufficient people would act similarly, namely confront and disrupt Israeli representatives wherever they set foot in the capitals of the world and on campuses, perhaps the lives of many helpless children, women and other civilians can be saved.

Some Zionist supremacists would invoke freedom of speech as if defending mass murder and genocide was protected by the American First Amendment.  Well, the issue here is not freedom of speech; the issue is defending and justifying genocide.

Moreover, if Zionism and its evil representatives have a right to freedom of speech, then Nazism and its representatives should be accorded a similar right. After all, Zionism and Nazism are very much like tweedledee and tweedledum. They are two sides of the same coin.

Besides, since when did the Judeo-Nazi regime in occupied Palestine respect freedom of speech or any other freedom whenever non-Jews are concerned?  Didn’t Israel bomb and destroy the Palestinian Radio station in Ramallah at the beginning of the Aqsa intifada? Didn’t the Israeli air force bomb and destroy the Aqsa TV studios and transmitters during Israel’s genocidal campaign last year?

More than two decades ago, Israel actually went as far as imposing a general power blackout all over the West Bank and Gaza Strip in order to prevent Palestinians from watching a speech by the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in Geneva. Hence, Israel is probably the last country on earth which can claim to be truly concerned about freedom of speech and other civil liberties.

Today, the Zionist messengers of lie, people such Michael Oren, are trying rather doggedly to justify or whitewash organized Jewish terror, which often assume a genocidal scale. Hence, good and honest people who value truth, peace and justice must challenge these evil and professional liars who are trying to turn the black into white and the murderers into victims.

The forces of peace and justice must strive as much as possible to narrow the horizons of these cruel racists and hateful liars.

Don’t let them get away with mendacity. Surround them wherever they go, make your presence felt in halls where they give lectures, confront them with the facts about what their Nazi state is doing, don’t hesitate to call the spade a spade. Be aggressive when need be, don’t be afraid to speak up, for it may very well be up to you whether a second genocidal onslaught against the already thoroughly tormented Gazans will be carried out.

The Palestinian people rely almost completely on the good will of honest people, very much like those brave students who confronted Oren, the ambassador of the country that thrives on murder, land theft and mendacious propaganda.

Finally, we must never underestimate the impact of student actions, especially on campuses in Europe and North America and elsewhere.

There go the people who will shape the future of the world in a few years’ time. These are the next generation of public-opinion shapers in our world.

We should also remember that it was very much thanks to campus action that the defunct apartheid regime in south Africa was isolated and finally defeated and dismantled.

More to the point, don’t you ever get confused between Judaism and Zionism? Judaism is not our enemy. Our problem with Zionist Jews is not because they are Jews, but rather because they are murderers, oppressors and land thieves. We don’t hate Israel because it is predominantly Jewish; we hate it because it is overwhelmingly evil.

Zionist Hasbara officials would love to hear pro-Palestinian activists attack or vilify Jews in order to smack the anti-Semitism canard in their faces. So, be careful, don’t play into their hands.

In fact, there are many conscientious Jews who sincerely support the Palestinian cause. We must never ever lump those good people with racist Zionists who embrace the Nazi-like Israeli policies against the Palestinians and other peoples of the Middle East.
Finally, never break the law, since doing so would be a self-defeating act. In the final analysis, our goal is not just to vent our frustration, but rather to expose the Nazi nature of the Israeli state.