Miles of Smiles convoy moves by sea route to El-Arish

Miles of Smiles convoy moves by sea route to El-Arish

GAZA —  The government committee against the siege declared that the European medical aid convoy "Miles of Smiles" sent to the Gaza Strip has finally moved from the Egyptian Port Said harbor on Wednesday to El-Arish by sea after Cairo’s refusal to allow it to ship its load via land route.

The committee said that the convoy moved after being stranded at Port Said for 22 days, which negatively affected the foreigners on board who came to display solidarity with the besieged Strip.

Hamdy Shaat, the committee head, said that all medical assistance was shipped on an Egyptian freighter and was expected to arrive in El-Arish by afternoon Wednesday while the solidarity activists mounted buses to El-Arish.

Shaat appealed to the Egyptian authorities to allow entry of electric wheelchairs sent to the disabled children in Gaza and other medical assistance through the Rafah crossing.

The convoy consists of 58 containers that carry 110 vehicles for the disabled and 275 wheelchairs in addition to medicines and computers for schools.