Military expert: Israel fails in patching up its deterrent power

Apparently spurred by the scathing criticism they heard from the American administration, IOF Generals were attempting to swiftly repair the damaged image of their deterrent force, but failed, as evident by the botched commando landing operation in the Lebanese depth at dawn Saturday, said Palestinian military expert Yousef Al-Sharqawi.

“Israeli army Generals’ attempt to restore their badly beaten deterrent force to please the American administration, their main ally and supporter, has miserably failed as the scolding words of Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State, were still echoing in their ears”, he added.

“You have disappointed America’s hopes in you, and you Amir [Israel’s war minister Amir Peretz] will perhaps never forget the name of Hassan Nasrallah [Hizbullah leader] and not vice-versa”, Rice told the Generals and Peretz according to Sharqawi.

The Palestinian expert asserted that neither Peretz nor his top Generals were pleased with the outcome of the battle against Hizbullah, and therefore, they attempted to buy time and carry out a stunning operation that could prove once more Israel’s military might but ended with another victory to Hizbullah.

One IOF officer was killed and two other soldiers were wounded in the messed up commando operation near the eastern Lebanese city of Ba’albek as Hizbullah fighters in the area were in full military readiness to beat the Israeli commando team.

Israel says that the operation was purposely made to foil an alleged weapons smuggling from Iran to Hizbullah via Syria; but the story was promptly refuted with the IOF casualties.

Members of the assaulting commando team were of the most elite unit in the IOF, thus sending a clear message that Israel is no longer capable of restoring the image of its army that proved to be a “toothless tiger” as many would like to describe.

“Will the Israeli Generals grasp the lesson they received in south Lebanon and stop their arrogance and realize that time of blitzkriegs had ended forever”, Sharqawi underlined.

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