• July 31, 2016
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Military Junta Justice Sentences 13 Anti-Coup Egyptians to Death

Military Junta Justice Sentences 13 Anti-Coup Egyptians to Death
North Cairo criminal court sentenced to death 13 people Saturday for the murder of General Nabil Farag:

1. Mohamed Saeed Farag Saad (attending)

2. Mustafa Mohamed Hamzawy (attending)

3. Ahmed Mohamed Al-Shahed (attending)

4. Shahat Mohamed Mustafa (attending)

5. Suhaib Mohamed Al-Ghazlani (attending)

6. Farag Alsayed Abdel-Hafez (in absentia)

7. Mohamed Abdel-Samie Hemedah (attending)

8. Abdel-Ghani Al-Aref Ibrahim (attending)

9. Gamal Mohamed Ismail (attending)

10. Khalid Mohamed Ali (attending)

11. Ahmed Al-Metawly Alsayed (attending)

12. Ahmed Abdel-Hamid Alsayed (attending)

13. Walid Saad Abu-Omira (attending)

The court set a September 24 (2016) session to pronounce the final judgment against all 23 defendants.

Prosecutors had charged the defendants with "attempted murder of police officers and personnel; the making and possession of firearms, ammunition, explosives and explosives; resisting arrest; possession of communication devices without appropriate permits from the competent authorities for use in activities to undermine the national security of the country".

In August 2014, the court sentenced to death 12 of 23 defendants in the case; sentenced to life imprisonment 10 defendants; and acquitted one defendant. Then in February 2016, the Court of Cassation accepted an appeal submitted by 12 of the defendants in the case (of whom 7 had been sentenced to death).

Shehab Center for Human Rights asserts that – as the Court of Cassation had already decided – the case in its entirety is based solely on the investigations of National Security personnel, which are never accepted legally as evidence or justification for the trial on their own, but need to be supported by other material evidence. This lawsuit’s papers show no such essential supporting evidence.

Shehab Centre totally rejects the use of certain corrupt judiciary by the junta-appointed regime to get rid of coup opponents.

Shehab Center for Human Rights

Saturday – July 30, 2016


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