Military Tribunal Resumes Amid Worries about Al Shater’s Health

Military Tribunal Resumes Amid Worries about Al Shater’s Health

Few minutes ago, Haikstep-based Higher Military Court has resumed 8th trial session for 40 MB leaders referred to military tribunals, including MB 3rd-In-Command Khairat Al-Shater.


The new session witnessed tight security measures that targeted even the defendants’ families. Moreover, Al-Shater was present although his health is deteriorating, having symptoms of diabetic foot as ulcers and swelling even exacerbating due to infection and lack of proper medical care. Zahraa, Al-Shater’s daughter, asserted the above, reaffirming that her father refused to receive treatment at the prison’s hospital because he knew very well the destiny that awaits him there, as had happened with other detainees who lost their lives after being handcuffed on their beds till death.


Zahraa mentioned that prison officials denied her father treatment at Al-Kasr Al-Eini hospital. “The frequency of sessions does not provide much time to cure him in jail,” she said.


Nasser El-Hafi, a defense panel member, stated, to, that today’s session will be the last hearing session.


It is worth mentioning that security authorities today morning have limited the number of attendants to three persons per defendant instead of four!!