’Million- Signature Campaign’ for Detainees Release

Kamal Habeeb, the coordinator of the National Initiative for the Release of Political Prisoners, stressed that the initiative persists in bringing up the issue of detainees to the Egyptian political arena. At the present time, the initiative seeks to collect million signature of Egyptian people to press for their release. Habeeb added the initiative launched a web site, www.mobadra.org, for this purpose. More than hundred people join the intuitive on a daily bases from all over the world.

According to Habeeb, the Europe-based Muslim Brotherhood leader Kamal el-Helbawy, UK-based Hanna Gerges, and the spokesman of London-based Egypt Rescue Front Osama Roshdy, are among those who singed the petition.

Moreover, Ayman Akel the Director of Ma’t Centre for Rights and Constitutional Studies, Hosam Bahgad the Manager of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, the actor Khaled el-Sawy, the leftist Abu el-Aiz el-Hariry, and Hamdy Abdel Aziz the Chief of Research Department of Sawasya Centre for Human Rights are among local prominent figures to sign

To: The Egyptian Ruling Regime

Re: National Mubadara to release detainees in Egyptian prisons.

The undersigned on this statement “petition” ask the ruling Egyptian Regime to genuinely interfere to end the disaster of tens of thousands of political detainees in Egypt.

We hope that they will be released on the spot and relieve Egypt from this recurrent shame of detaining people. This behavior made thousands of Muslims youth suffer for tens of years.

The undersigned confirm that any speech regarding political reform in Egypt is nonsense unless all political detainees are released including those who have completed their Court judgments or those who did not appear in front of the Court at all.

The signatories of this statement invite the Egyptian government to stop on the spot emergency laws and violating human rights, these rights that should be guaranteed for all citizens along with their right to practice peaceful political work.

They ask the government to respond to the civil society forces who look forward to forget that sinful period of pressurizing people for more than quarter of a century.

This can be achieved by starting a genuine reform MOBADARA built on justice that should return to those detainees their freedom, their dignity and respect beyond these signatories, Court judgments and sovereignty of law.

The government has to start a new era with all lively powers in the society at a time where all efforts should be coordinated to face dangers befalling Egypt.

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