• June 13, 2013
  • 2 minutes read

Minister of Culture: Scaremongering Rumor Campaign Totally Unfounded

Minister of Culture: Scaremongering Rumor Campaign Totally Unfounded

In a press statement, Dr. Alaa Abdel-Aziz, Minister of Culture, denounced an ongoing rumor campaign about Egyptian documents.

"I call on everyone to take patriotic responsibility and refrain from unnecessarily raising public fears with unfounded rumors.

"I will not allow Egyptian minds, culture or documents to be exposed to any dangers as certain hostile media claim. These rumors will not hinder the Ministry’s work as it endeavors to provide a distinct cultural service to all Egyptians and to face up to any default or negligence."

The Minister of Culture said that his inspection tour to the National Archives revealed an urgent need for development of action by all means and for increased security measures, after years of neglect – under previous governments – something which requires that all Egyptian minds must get together and do their best to discuss ways to solve accumulated problems.

Earlier, a rumor campaign was launched by certain leftist and former-regime affiliated writers in Egypt claiming that there is a plot to steal and destroy Egyptian documents, affecting national security, and demanded the intervention of the Egyptian army to protect those documents.