Minister of Information: MB Parliamentarians Still Belong to Outlawed Group

Minister of Information: MB Parliamentarians Still Belong to Outlawed Group

The Egyptian People’s Assembly witnessed a number of disputes between the Egyptian Minister of Information, Anas Al-Feqi, and many Parliamentarians, specially from the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) bloc, during Saturday’s meeting of the Culture and Media committee.

Anas Al-Feqi discussed many points during yesterday’s meeting concerning the Arab media charter, corruption cases in media outlets in Egypt, and the freedom of expression Egyptians enjoy.

However, despite such freedom claimed by Al-Feqi, he stated that members of the MB Parliamentary Bloc can never participate in live TV programs and interviews, describing the Muslim Brotherhood as an “outlawed group”.

On the other hand, Mohsen Radi, journalist and MB Parliamentarian, condemned such description for the group and its members of Parliament saying that such description defames the Egyptian People’s Assembly and its members in general.

Both Mohsen Radi and Dr. Akram Al-Sha’er of the MB Parliamentary bloc asked the minister of information on yesterday’s meeting to bring a presidential decree of dissolving or suspending the Muslim Brotherhood group if he wanted to deprive them of their Parliamentary rights as denying their right to contact the press or be guests in live T.V. programs.

Vice-chairman and spokesman of the MB Parliamentary bloc, Hussein Ibrahim, commented on Al-Feqi’s statements saying it is not worth replying, adding that what Al-Feqi said contradicts with both law and constitution.

Hussein Ibrahim added in his statement to Ikhwanweb that the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentarians have been elected by the Egyptian people who chose many candidates from the MB group. Stating that the Muslim Brotherhood is legal according to the law and to people’s free choice.

Hussein Ibrahim believed that the Egyptian media is stepping backwards everyday, and that statements and unwise decisions like what the minister said is another cause for such media retardation.