Minister of Justice Calls on Revolutionists to Continue Protests

Minister of Justice Calls on Revolutionists to Continue Protests

Million-Man Demos

Chancellor Mohamed Abdel Aziz El-Gendi stated that it is the revolution of Januaray 25th that brought the former regime down during which justice was absent. He pointed out that the revolution is being governed through the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and the current government which came accoring to the people’s wills.

He said that there are some groups which seek to create a state of choas in the streets while everyone else is working hard to bring about stability.

El-Gendi confrimed that chaos cannot be one of the goals of the revolution and it cannot be created by those who acheived the revolution, but they are the ones whose interests were affected by the revolution and those who supported the former regime.

He stressed that the events in the football match between Egypt and Tunisia were planned by those who are against the success of the revolution.

He confirmed that SCAF and the government are capable of protecting the country against these attempts to distabilise it and investigations are now being carried out to bring to account those who are responsible.

He confirmed that steps are being taken to bring Mubarak and his family to court because he is not above the law.

El-Gendi urged the youth to continue their Million-Man demonstrations on Fridays as this strengthens the government and supports it against the enemies of the revolution and helps them achieve the demands of the revolution.